Effective regional representation for international companies

International companies with obligations under the EPR and other environmental regulations will need to navigate through and engage with Latin American governments and waste management sectors.

Valoryza offers local knowlege, networks, expertise and support to help you develop cost-effective compliance solutions.


Support to participate in EPR development

Industries seeking to participate in the elaboration and detailed design of Latin American EPR systems will need to engage effectively with government agencies, in a coordinated way.

Valoryza can help your industry develop a consolidated approach to best represent your interests and have your industry's voice heard.

Strategic advice

Businesses will need to find new ways to work.

Valoryza offers strategic advice to help Producers:

  • design, implement and administer EPR-compliant waste-management systems
  • cost-effectively manage product impacts, in line with product stewardship requirements
  • develop Strategic Plans to address challenges related to new and more demanding environmental regulations.

Solution design, implementation and management

Source separation, collection, packaging, processing and re-use of all types of waste.
Waste management aimed at recovery services to ensure the fulfillment of business sustainability goals and environmental commitments with both local and national authorities.

Valoryza consultants help clients meet their EPR obligations in the most

responsible and cost-effective ways.